Live Blog 12.2.10 Part Three

Trashed popcorn after three bites, turns out not what I wanted.

Told I can go back to see her now.

Said every annoy thing my mom has ever said to me when I have been waking up from surgery. Mom is not amused. Mom is in a lot of pain, says it is worse then other shoulder.

Recovery Nurses one is awesome, other is scattered and needs to pull it together.

Mom is dressed, has done her business, now waiting to be released. Hope it happens soon. I miss Ian.

Signing, discharge papers. Going to get the car.

Stop at Dairy Queen to get some caffeine.

Finally get above mentioned caffeine. The Dairy Queen in Rhome, Texas needs a major overhaul.

Pick up my little man, oh how I missed him.

Stop and feed angry toddler, who is demanding dinner.

Get on the road to get my mom to her house.

Stop at sonic to procure my mom so ice for her ice man.

Finally arrive at my moms house, to find Ian passed out cold.

get my mom in and unloaded and all set up. Her roommate gets home, fill her in on all post op instructions.

Head towards my own home only a 40 minute commute stand between me and my bed.

Sitting in traffic on DNTW service road since they have the whole toll road closed.

An hour and half after I leave my moms, I finally arrive home.

Ian is in bed and That is where I am headed.

This day has been extremely long and tiring. Thank you so much for putting up with these ramblingly posts they helped me feel like I was in control of something when so much was going that I couldn’t.

Don’t miss any of my adventures of being a Grown up If you want more Bobbi, check out my babbles

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