Live Blog 12.2.10 Part Two

OR nurse came in to put her bed rail up so that once the medicate her she want fall off the bed.

Nurse made mom put on her snazzy hat.

The heard of OR nurses here to take her back to the OR. They are all Horn Frog fans, can we trust them?

Fianally find waiting area, check in with the desk.

Decide it is time to forage for food.

Food found decided against Cafe, went down to the cafeteria. Nourishment procured.

Surgery Started, screen saying pt. doing well. I wouldn’t think they would say otherwise.

Volunteer offered me free popcorn, I accepted I am nervous eater.

Volunteer comes over and tells me doctor wants to see me. Takes me to a conference room, where I start to panic and have anxiety attack.

Doc comes in tells me she is in recovery everything went well. I told him next time telling em in waiting area, prefer a info talked about in public to almost heart attack.

Screen updated from recovery, she is doing well. Still Sleeping.

Screen Updated- Pt. Starting to wake up.

Part 3 to come.

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