Live Blog 12.2.10 Part One

5 am
Woke up before my alarm, got out of bed before it could go off and wake Casey. Went into to living room to wake my mom, to find her already awake. Then heatedly discussed who would get to shower first, cause most likely second would run out of hot water. I won since, I would have to get Ian up fed and dressed.

Showered and dressed, get very angry toddler out of bed. He was not at all pleased about getting out of bed. Finally get him to eat a little cereal and a banana.

6:15am Frantically running around gathering last minute things.

Pulling out of the drive way, that is right we left on time!!! This never happens.

Sitting in traffic, mom demanding a machine gun be installed into her car. Telling me why she could never live in Dallas.

After nearly getting sick in the car, mom stops at sonic to let me eat. I was trying not to eat out of respect for her.

Arrive at Kenzie’s drop off Ian, mostly painfree drop off.

Turning around to leave carseat, forgot to leave it incase we couldn’t get back by the time she needed him picked up.

Arrive at hospital hour early, decide to nap in car.

Get poked by mom (really hard) she said I was snoring, I don’t know if I believe her. I know I was drooling (that is right I will admit it).

Go in an get her admitted, showed back to her pre-op room.

Nurses come into to do pre-op, the duo helping her were a riot.

When her surgery was supposed to be starting, the dude who puts her under(gave up on trying to spell it) comes in and does his pre-op.

Break out laptop and start watching Dog the Bounty hunter on netflix.

Impromtu Photos shoot for OOTD, I was really bored.

Doctor comes in finally, does his pre-op. Says it should be shortly clean her OR.

Nurse comes in and ask, if student can observe her case. Mom says yes.

One of the awesome prep nurses from earlier comes in and ask if everything is okay. Then ask if doctor has cam in, then makes a joke about ability to always run late of doctors.

More to come, in a different post since this one is so long.

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