I am lost

I am a Stay at Home Mom, but that doesn’t mean I have to lose myself? In the past year I went from showering everyday, fixing my hair, and maybe putting on some make up. To I am lucky if I remember to get dressed. I want this to change, I read other moms tweets and blogs and see they manage to take the time for selves. I want that too, what is your secret? What is routine? Do you get up before you kids to shower in the morning or do you shower at night before they go to bed? I know the key to getting dressed is just taking the time to do it, I know that my pajama bottoms and tshirts are so comfortable. Spending the day in them does not make me feel pretty, and I miss that feeling. So please mom’s help me find the time to make me feel pretty again.

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4 Replies to “I am lost”

  1. MY girls day starts at 6:30, my day starts at 4:30 mon-fri. For one hours I get time to myself. I do makeup, make myself feel pretty, and try to relax a little. After that is when start work and I'm going for the day until 5:30-6. Girls are in bed by 9pm then thats when the real time for myself starts. I watch a movie, tv program, or take a nice bubble bath.It's a lot being a mother, and we all need time to ourselves, even if its only an hour or 2.


  2. When I was a SAHM, when my girls were a little older, I used to get up early, before everyone, and have some time for myself then. I would get up and go for a run, write, do what I needed to make me feel little bit human. I also had no problem showering and getting ready for the day when them around, I'd just leave the bathroom door open so I could keep half an ear on what they were doing…..


  3. Woman, I am so right there with you. And I'm *gulp* only 20. How am I this frumpy at only 20?! If I hadn't had a baby… I'd still be in college partying it up in a little black dress and high heels. Oh where oh where did that "umph" go? *sigh*


  4. Okay, I am not a mama yet, but I am a stay at home wife who doesn't have to get up if she doesn't want to. But I've noticed I'm more pleasant, and G appreciates it when I get my butt in gear and look sexy/pretty for when he comes home. The key is to have a set time of day that you've decided you must be dressed by. If you want to stay in your pjs until 11, and then get dressed before lunch, so be it. If you're wanting comfy clothes you could throw on a pair of jeans or leggings with a simple top for the day and then maybe switch it up a lil before Casey comes home.


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