Inspiration in the most unlikely places.

Casey and I had the honor of attending a friends engagement party last night. Sadly we had to arrive in two separate vehicles, due to wait for my mom to get here to babysit after she got of work. I am not complaining, I am glad for her help.

So once I arrived at the party I was just in time for the tail end of the speeches. After wondering around the host lovely home, I would love to have their kitchen. I found my husband outside on the patio beside the fireplace with a group of friends. While admiring there outdoor decor, I saw a rock with the quote “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.” (after some googling I found out the quote is by Robert Browing.) I have been looking for a quote to hang above our headboard in our bedroom, and I have seen numerous “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” decor but that quote did not do it for me. The above quote by Mr. Browning is perfect. Now I must figure out in what form I want to place it there, do I want to go with a vinyl decal just on the wall, a vinyl decal on some form of media, or do I want to paint it on something? Such decision but at least I found a quote that is perfect for Casey and I.

Any suggestions on how I should go about find the perfect way to but it in our room, would be greatly appreciated.

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