Anxiety is a @#$%&

{Disclamier I use the term or a lot in this post and it is a free write of sorts.}
I can feel it rising up from my stomach into my chest, trying to pull me into its grasp and take over the moment. Odd moment to try to ruin as I am just sitting alone on the computer and watching Dog the Bounty Hunter reruns. Why no when I am enjoying the peace and silence and a few moments to myself.
Could it be the up coming holiday season, and the stress it brings with it. Or the cold that effected Ian and I has now moved on to Casey. Or the fact that the next 6 weeks or packed with an insane amount of travel and functions we need to attend and numerous ones are not child friendly. I know that I complain about not getting enough alone time with Casey but in the up coming weeks there will be numerous nights where I will having to be leaving Ian in the care of others. I don’t know how I feel about this. I know they say toddlers have separation anxiety but can mothers have it to? Then there is the issue with my truck, to much to get into but we are hoping to sell it and use the money to buy a cheap little car. Or it could be the issues I am having with my body since August I have been cycling every 14-16 days, with the longest being this last cycle being 21 days. This is not conducive to having a 2nd child third pregnancy. Or the fact that my home is shamble from the previously mentioned cold that took me down with Ian last week. Or the MT. Laundry that has exploded all over the laundry room (Before you can email me Daddy, yes I know my home is my job but I was sick and so was my child, so my home is a hot mess. I will totally get caught up some day in the future, have faith Daddy. I am no Janiece on the cleaning front but I am me). Or it could be that the shorter days are affecting me way more then I want to let on, I hate winter with a cold fury passion. Give me Sunshine I need it to thrive. Or it could be numerous things that I am not even realizing at the moment that are bothering my mind. I am a complex creature, who lives a simply life.

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Please don’t rec. meds I am already on them and they work fabulously just asked Casey when I tried to wean to another this summer I became an unlivable B#$%^. Now if you have tricks and tips on how to deal with the seasonal stuff, I will take those please.

One Reply to “Anxiety is a @#$%&”

  1. Oh, girl. Unfortunately no tips here because I am just as big of a mess as you. *sigh* Don't even get me started on MY car. It broke down and after getting an estimate we decided to just NOT fix it {can't afford to} and just sell it instead! But nobody wants to buy a car that's not running, even for parts. I feel hopeless, and we could REALLY use the money this holiday. :/


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