Hodge Podge, Mish Mash, …

Whatever you may call it this post will be a collections of thought on numerous different topics that have been on my mind as of recent.

First Halloween, with Ian only being 21 months old and such. I am not so sure if we are going to be doing anything out of the ordinary. I have been invited to attend the Fall Festival at the church I grew up attending, which is tomorrow. Or I have the option of letting Ian trick or treat with numerous cousins on Sunday in my home town. If I do choose to do something, I at least have a costume idea, he will go as Jamie from Mythbuster.

On yesterday’s post for my up coming Scentsy party. I would never want to become a review or giveaway blogger, not that I have anything against them it just doesn’t bring me the joy that diary style blogging does. I don’t mind doing the occasional sponsored content but it won’t become the major of focus of this blog. I guess with that realization, that my dreams of ever getting sponsorship help of going to blogher just went out the door.

I haven’t run in a week, and I miss it. It is all my fault, I could go after Ian is in bed and use the equipment in the gym here at our complex. The other nigth I was at wal-Mart after checking on a friends cat while she was out of town and I found an arm band for my iphone which I can’t wait to test. Tomorrow I have to remember to take my jogging stroller to the bike shop to get new inter tubes for the tires so Ian and I can jog in the morning. I love hitting the pavement, breathing in the crisp fall air and pushing Ian as we explore out neighborhood.

Things here at home seemed to have calmed down which is a nice change from the stresses of this summer. Maybe that is why I feel better then I have felt in months, I still have rough days but I am doing worlds better.

Ian is growing so much, he understands so much. He doesn’t use as many words as others would like, but I hear him use new words all the time. He chooses to act like he can’t talk around most people including Casey, but if it is me or Abby he talks up a storm. I cna’t believe that in just a few months he will be 2, this makes me want to cry.

I hope that all is good with you dear readers. Thanks for reading all this, and as you reward I will show you some pictures from mine and Ian’s impromtu photo shoot.

Hipstamatic Photo Strip

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Don’t miss any of my adventures of being a Grown up If you want more Bobbi, check out my babbles

Also don’t forget Scentsy makes great gifts for the up coming holidays. (I am trying to earn a free warmer, sorry about the constant reminders)

One Reply to “Hodge Podge, Mish Mash, …”

  1. It sounds like you're in a much better place now than you were this summer. That's good to hear! I remember when my babies were that age, it's such a fun age. Just soak it all in and enjoy it!


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