Different Tastes.

With Casey’s graces, I went on a glasses shopping spree on a discount count eyeglasses website. He agreed with me that since I wear glasses all the time that I could have a more then one option. With my whole order being less then $50 and getting three pairs of glasses, I thought I did good. Boy was I wrong!

Casey hates all of them, I told him they were for me not him. To that he actually said,”So don’t wear them around me then”. Well being the women that I am, I laughed at him. I will wear what I want.

Out of all three these are my favorite. They make me feeler smarter and a little sexy.

I am not so sure what I think about these yet.

These came and they weren’t as big as I expect but, I really like them. Even though I will have to be careful what I wear them with since they are bright yellow.

I know that we have extremely different taste, I like some things a little okay most things over the top. He has a much more laid back personality. That is why we work so well we balance each other out. So he will grow used to the glasses and I will wear my old glasses for him occasionally. He will notice when I do, but he won’t say it. But he’ll notice and that is what matters, he notices most everything and that is one of the many things I love about him.

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2 Replies to “Different Tastes.”

  1. The fact that you found glasses that you love and feel sexy in– awesome!I love that he notices and that y'all compromise and know each other. That's so spectacular.


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