Clean Home Movement- Kitchen

I posted the other day about my Clean Home Movement. Well I decided to tackle one of the more chaotic rooms first, the kitchen. The room that can go from clean to cluttered in 60 seconds. I think my biggest problem is my cabinets not be used to the best purpose. I am about to show you pictures of my kitchen in all its cluttered glory right after cooking dinner. So remember I am keeping it real and want help advice not attacks please.
Clean Home Movement

My biggest trouble area seems to be my cabinets, there is always chaos no matter what I try to do with it, I can’t find a thing. I am thinking that maybe buying cabinet shelves might help. What other ideas do you think might help either with or with out cabinet shelves?

Clean Home Movement
Spice/Snack Cabinet

Clean Home Movement
Ian’s Snacks, Serving Ware, Fancy Glasses

Clean Home Movement

Clean Home Movement
Beneath counter top storage

As you can see from the above photos, I am lost on how to get this disaster organized. Please give me ideas, I can’t live with this anymore, I hate having to dig to find a Tupperware container, a certain small kitchen appliance I might need, the prefect spice when cooking a meal, and most important the perfect snack when a craving hits.

Clean home movement
Attached to the kitchen is the sunroom that we use as our dining room. It also is home to our back door so I have placed a chair and shelf. The shelf is home to my reusable shopping bags, my purse, and a basket on the bottom shelf for shoes. My Basket for shoes is not really working as well as I would like. The top of the shelf is home to some of my pretties.

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