Lightbulb Moment to a Clean Home Movement

Remember back in June when I posted my cleaning schedule I did well unitl Casey went back to work and then I failed (no excuses, I am the only one to blame). Well I am getting my groove back and getting caught up everywhere, man it was so easy to slip back into bad habits. This time I came to a realization that part of the reason that my home seems to be always cluttered is we aren’t utilizing storage space properly and with some talking with my husband he agreed to let me revamp and improve. So with some thinking, I thought I would keep it real on here and post pictures of my problems my ideas for fixing and then ask you for your ideas too. Cause I know that you guys/gals are a wealth of information. Then I will take those ideas and make them happen as long as they don’t cost a fortune. Please keep in mind that we rent so no structural changes can be made. I will be starting out with my kitchen, I will be including pictures of the before and I will be keeping real, no precleaning before the pictures. I am bound and determine to make keeping my home easier by making the most of the storage areas I have. I hope this is making sense to you all, as it is making to me.
All the areas that will be featured are Kitchen/Sunroom, Living Room/Office Nook, Bathrooms, Ian’s room, Hall Closets, Laundry/Guest Room, Casey’s bathroom, Main Bathroom, The Big Closet, My Closet, and The Master bedroom. Yes I need help everywhere, I am a mess. So please be ready with your tips tricks and advice.
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