For Me and Only Me

So I have decided that I am not unhappy with my weight, hell I am not unhappy with the way I eat. I am unhappy with the stillness that has overtaken my physical life. Before I married I lived a very physical life, in almost every way. In high school I rode horses and was in marching band, in college I worked retail, waited tables, car hopped plus the stresses of classes. Once we got married, my life began to slow down which isn’t bad but I miss physically doing something with my body. I know that I could play sports but I am not into that anymore. I have always want to run, walk, jog as a hobby; it seems to be such a centering sport. Like you can run your cares, dreams, and worries away (I don’t know if that makes sense but it does to me). About a month ago I broke down and bought a pair of running shoes, but then there they sat in my closet. Then I was scrolling through the app store on itunes and say the Nike Plus app (it was on;y a $1.99), and I thought what the hell and downloaded it. I am not going to lie it sat on my phone for over a week before I ever did anything with. Then a couple of nights ago after we put Ian to bed, I decided what the hell laced on my shoes and took off to the gym in our complex. Then this morning I broke out the jogging stroller, which had two low tires. So instead of letting that slow me down, I jogged down to the 7-11 and filled the tires, then jogged home. It wasn’t a long jog but it is a start.
Now to the point, I have a few goals that I want to place on myself. None of theses goals are large in the big picture but to me they seem important.

  • To log enough miles in the next year to have to need buy a new pair of shoes. 
  • When I reach 100 miles, reward myself with a good pair of running shorts and a running sports bra tank by 2/11.
  • To complete a 5k by 5/31/11.
  • This is the big one, the one that made my husband laugh at me. I want to enter and complete a half marathon by 10/31/11. 

I ask that you please support me as I go out on this goal. I also will be doing monthly updates on total miles completed, how I am feeling, and a new short term goal.  I am doing this for me no one else, and no one else prodded me into this. So by that I only have myself to get angry and if I fail, which isn’t an option.

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