Stepford Moms

I have debated whether are not I wanted to write about this are not, after much thought (I mean I have been battling this idea for over a week) I have decided to post about. After the recent actions of fellow bloggers, women, and mothers; I have decided it is time.

When has it become okay to attack others in their time of loss? When did we stoop to the level of Westboro Baptist church and attack people during the worst moments of their lives? I thought the we were a world being our selves and have the right to choose is a right. I didn’t realize that there is a growing number of Stepford Wives/Moms, where if you don’t do as they say (not as they do, God knows they are far from perfect) they bomb you with threats, lies, and criticism.

I will be the first to admit I am far from perfect, hell most of the time I don’t even try to be perfect. There isn’t in fun in being perfect. Making mistakes may hurt at the time but I learn from them and hell sometimes it is fun too.

Some of my mistakes have been related to parenting, to my marriage, to beauty, to friendships; you get the point. We aren’t perfect so don’t attack people if don’t like the choice they are making, suck it up it doesn’t effect you are your life. I don’t want to live in Stepford so stop trying to brainwash people.

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