Renter’s Dilemma Pt. 2

Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about The Renter’s Dilemma? Well after weighing the pros and cons, reviewing our budget and talking about what it means to have our leases always ending around the holidays. We decided to extend our lease for 7 months (because they don’t do 6 months) which means we will be moving in the middle of Texas summer. Which is a big downside but it works out better in the long run for us. Yes this means I have to put up with commuter Casey for another 8 months, which isn’t always fun but I can deal with it. It isn’t like it is a terribly commute, well to me anyways but I grew up with everyone having to commute. So I don’t really no any difference. Which means a delay in packing which I am in love with. So now I am able to relax and enjoy my home.

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