Whats in a name?

I am feeling the itch to change my twitter handle. I know I have business cards with the current one and such but they can easily be fixed with new cards. I am bored with @kidtogrownup.

I have thought about pulling out an old aim handle that I loved @scooterag07. Then part of me wants to rock something random like @rodeoqueenmum (I really was a rodeo queen back in the day and now I am a mum). Or maybe something like @bandnerdatheart (I know some of these are too long just throwing out ideas). Maybe you guys can help I will give you a few facts about me.

I was/am a band nerd.
I rode horses.
My favorite colors are the 8 count primary box.
My favorite number is 13.
I am an only child with 4 brothers and sisters.
I despise Elmo.
My horses names were Babe, Red, and Native.
My dogs name is FootFoot.
I am a die hard Garth Brooks fan and Thrity Seconds to Mars.
My favorite muppet is Snuffy.
I still have my childhood teddy bear named Brandon, he now protects Ian from a high shelf in his room.
Pictures of my family and frieds are better then art.
I am addicted to photobooths.
I am a perfume addict, right now I am sad I just ran out of blue by ralp lauren.
I love my boys to the moon and back.
I am one of the most loyal friends you will ever have, my best friend lou says I just won’t go away (in a loving tone).
I am currently obbesesed with slankin and company’s (from white barn candle company)

My favote movie of all time is Vibes, shortly followed by the scream trilogy and The Goonies.

So I ask again please help me pick a new twitter handle. Also feel free to ask more questions if needed.

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