I am not going to lie, the past couple of months have been tough on me emotionally. August it just sucks, period. Well with Casey going back to work at the end of July, Ian and I had to get into a new routine. I am not going to lie as much as I was stressed by Casey being home all day, secretly I loved it. It was nice to have extra hands to do things and just be able to spend time with my love. And as Casey returned to work Ian decided that he needed to get up in time to see Daddy in the morning, well this has thrown me for a loop. With Casey’s return to work also meant the return to trying to have a baby again, well I am not going to lie. I want to know when my turn will be I swear everywhere I turn someone else is announcing that they are pregnant. I know it hasn’t been that long of us trying again but I am impatient. Along those same lines I started a new bible study group for women. During my quiet times this past week, I have decided that my new motto is to have hope and to be thankful for every hug, kiss and moment I have with my family. These moments are fleeting and I need to live in the moment, and stop dwelling on what I don’t have.

Ps: Please stop by Bobbi Babbles  and help me pick out my new glasses.

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