The Renters Dilemma

As someone who has been renting since I moved out of my parents home, I am accustomed to moving and leases. Well since Casey’s graduation in December of 2005 we have moved every year when our lease was up. I We are sick of moving, each move hasn’t been by choice. The first year we rented bigger then our budget and when over we scaled back. Then the next year we were pregnant so our tiny one bedroom was not feasible. Being fully pregnant for the second move, I wasn’t looking like I should have and we ended up renting a town home that the main living area was way to small for a family with small children. It barely held a tv and couch, let alone the clutter and chaos that a small infant creates. Yes it met our other needs but the stairs and neighbors were not our friends. So that brings us to our current apartment, I want to start with saying I LOVE the layout, in all honest if I could build my dream home I would use this layout for the basic idea only changing the kitchen and laundry area (which is in the master, it was added after, these were build in the 60’s). The location right now why we are considering moving, we moved to our current location last fall to be closer to Casey’s job. Well after last spring that isn’t the case any longer. Well our lease is up in November and we are trying to decide whether to extend our lease by a short amount or continue to look for the perfect rent home? Yes I said home, we are looking moving up to something with a Yard for both Ian and FootFoot. The problem with moving in November is the ginormous cost of moving right before the holidays and moving right before the start of the holidays. We have done this once before and it is not my cup of tea. Then there is the question of how much will our management company want to raise our rent if we want to renew for a shorter lease or even maybe go month to month? Oh the choices, they are so overwhelming.

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