I was only 16, I had recently quit marching band after 4 years (that is another story), So I was skipping first period theater(which I had just started the week before) to finish a a project that was a test grade. I was working on the project in bedroom floor in front of my tv. I had on GMA, but I wasn’t paying attention so I didn’t even know what was going on. I heard one of the anchor scream noo, as the second plane was flying at the second tower. I looked up just in time to see the plane hit the second tower. I ran into the living room, I asked my mom why she didn’t tell me what was going on, I will never forget her answer, ” I wanted to preserve the few minutes of innocence you had left.”

After a lengthy conversation with my mom, I decided to go on to school. When I got there and walked into Mr. Smith’s class of Pre-Calcus, I figured it would be class as usual this man didn’t believe in days off. Boy was I wrong he had our class room tv tuned into the news, one of my classmates father was supposed to be flying to D/C (if I remember correctly). She was very upset that no one had yet heard from her father, for obvious reason his flight had not landed (Her father was also the towns Justice of Peace and a pastor so numerous ppl were waiting for his call). as the school day went on, it ws obvious none of us would ever be the same again. I remember when I arrived on campus the feeling of sadness that engulfed me, I was already sad but to be around so many others that felt the same was a feeling I won’t soon forget.

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