Where to start

It has almost been a month since I wrote a post. Wow, I can’t remember why I stepped away for a bit. This break has been well received, I have relaxed and enjoyed my family and friends. Sadly I said good bye to one of my friends as him and his awesome girlfriend movie to Cali. It isn’t good bye for good, I know this but some how it is hitting me hard that he is moving so far away. We haven’t been friends for very long in the scheme of things around 5 years total, but the day we became friends it was one of those friendships I am so grateful to have.

There are lots of reasons why he is such a great friend, to many to list at this moment. He is the kind of friend who I needed to drive to go tell good bye and to be safe and enjoy every moment of this life changing adventure. He is also extremely patient so is his girlfriend, neither one got mad when Ian decided Autumn’s phone need to go in the toilet, or when washing his hand after this adventure he managed to break a glass.

I am sad that Ian won’t get to grow up with His Uncle Nintendo and Autumn (Aut-doom if you ask Ian, he thought she as leaving him at one point during our visit and he got very upset) in his day to day life but he will know and love them. Guys I hope you love Cali and it brings you many happiness es.

This post went on a random tangent, I promise to fill you in on more of recent adventures in the coming days. I will now leave you with some pictures of Nintendo and Autumn.
Picnik collage
I don’t know if you can see the smile on Ian’s face when he was talking to Autumn, but it is there.

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5 Replies to “Where to start”

  1. Ahh I hate to say goodbye to people.. I feel like I've been doing a lot of that lately. I'm glad you're back too! I haven't really been writing much the last few months and I think I'm back now… I doubt I'll ever go completely private, and if I do it will just be password protected and you'll so be invited to read. I hope your goodbye went great and you'll see him soon!


  2. welcome back, I have also been in a bit of a blogging slump. You have inspired me to go write something on my poor neglected blog.


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