The Little Things

As a with any job, I want to enjoy my workplace. Well my workplace is also my home since my wonderful husband works so hard so I can stay home. I want to be surrounded by things that make life comfortable, easy, and most importantly make me happy. There are certain rooms that I spend more waking hours in then other. Those rooms are filled with little things that when I see them that make me smile.
This sign above my sink, always reminds to look for the good in the moment. Even when I am overwhelmed and there is a sink full of dishes that still need to be cleaned. My little teal bowl with birds reminds my that I friends who love me enough to give me small gifts for no reason.
Happy 2
Music has always been a way of escape from reality when life seems to be overwhelming. Behind it sits a clock that refuse to replace the batteries in, why you ask? Well it is my way of pretending that I might for a moment be in control of the moments that are flying by.
Nothing brings joy to my heart like baby toes, this time it was them slipping into their first pair of flip flops.
This lamp shade make me smile every time, I think it is the color of the flowers and the flowers themselves. Another gift from a friend (okay maybe it was sitting in her garage unloved and I told her I was taking it).
I love to have pictures, of those moments that I want to always remember fill the walls of my home.
happy dresses
Lastly and one I need to work on the most. Is taking time for me, when I take the time to dress for the day and such. The whole say seems to be better, even when overwhelmed I can look down and smile. My seeing my target clearance find dress or a tank top ans skirt from a friends closet. Just those little touches make everyday a little more enjoyable.
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6 Replies to “The Little Things”

  1. Good post! Live in the moment, each day is a gift. Glad you are making spots in your home that bring you joy.


  2. Good for you! It's important to surround yourself with the things you love and say "fuck it" to all the rest.


  3. You are so right about taking the time to treat yourself well. I know I feel more productive when I am more put together. Love the spots in your that make you happy.


  4. that first pic is very cool.sometimes i miss being a WAHM, but most times i dont. except for the missing my Kid part, everything about working outside of my house, rocks.


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