Snail Mail Notes

With back to school rapidly approaching, the days of notes in lunches, letters to teachers, and the ever so present sick notes. Make those notes a little more special then just the first piece of scratch paper you could find. Order some Snail Mail Notes, to make those special notes just a bit more special.

Don’t forget about the special people that spend their days molding our youth into the leaders of tomorrow. Instead of an end of year gift, start their year out right with a personalized set of note cards. That way when they send home notes to you or write a note to your child, you can smile when you receive a pretty notecard no matter what the news is on it.

The lovely Paula, whose brain child is Snail Mail Notes. Says that any of her creations can be personalized. If Snail Mail Notes doesn’t offer what you are looking for she can make it happen. If that isn’t enough to get you over there ordering, her prices will. Nothing on the Snail Mail Notes site is over $1.00, so you can get a set of 20 notecards for just $10 and that is personalized if that is what you fancy. You won’t find that in any store. Also Mrs. Paula takes most of the pictures that she uses for her cards herself, so support a small women owned business.

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Disclosure: Snail Mail Notes was a partial sponsor for me to attend Evo Conference.  More then that Paula has helped me when she didn’t even know me, when I most needed love. I am grateful for her being in my life, I hope one day to be able to return the love she has given me. 

2 Replies to “Snail Mail Notes”

  1. LOVE the link, thanks! This is a great idea. I always try and remember to do something special for the kids' teachers during the year.If you have good teachers you're very blessed. So many people don't!


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