Making Your Home Sing (Make Monday Matter)

Making Your Home Sing is the brain child of Moms the Word, her point with each Monday post is, what are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing? It can be an attitude or an action. Motivation, our attitude, baking, encouraging our husband or children (if we have either one), organization, cleaning, saving money….the opportunities are endless.

I have many small goals that I want to meet this week the first being I want to wake up with a good attitude going into the day. When I do this my whole day tends to be better. Second I want to have more patience with Ian when he gets frustrated with something, he is knows what he wants but doesn’t quiet have all the words to tell me. The day will come when he will have some words I don’t like so I should enjoy these moments. Third I want to start doing more of the kitchen chores; I have been letting both the cooking and cleaning fall heavily on Casey. Now that he has gone back to work, I need to step it up. Lastly, I need to get better at picking up the living room through out the day and not waiting till after Ian is in bed to do it. I am not teaching him anything by doing it when he can’t see and help me do it.

So you ladies have any tips, tricks, or advice?

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3 Replies to “Making Your Home Sing (Make Monday Matter)”

  1. I love your goal of waking up with a good attitude, that's half the battle, isn't it?When my kids were little we had three toy pick-ups a day, before lunch, before dinner and before bed. When they were babies I would take their hand and pick up the toy with it, and eventually they learned to do it on their own, and I'd sing a "clean up" song!For some reason, your link didn't work. I don't know if you forgot to put in the URL or what. Anyway, I went ahead and put in the link for you, but I couldn't use the same picture.When I put in the URL for your blog, the only thing that pulled up is your header and various pictures on your blog.So, if you'd like to try it again (don't forget to add the URL) or have me use a different picture than the one I used (or have me use your blog header) just let me know. If you try it again, I can always go ahead and delete the link that I put in. I just didn't want anyone to miss your post!


  2. Wow, a tall order this week!I'm with you for sure on the attitude thing. I'm not naturally a morning person but how you start the day has a huge effect on how it will go doesn't it?Like the above comment; we do the exact same cleanups. My littles are 3 and 2. They are getting better but when we first started, honestly they weren't that much help. LOL. We sing (clean up clean up everybody everywhere clean up clean up everybody do your share) and we pick up the toys. When someone picks up a toy and puts it in the bin, I clap and praise. They eventually got the hang of it and they are pretty good cleaners at this point.It is definitely more time consuming but worth it in the long run (or so I am told by mothers whose children are older LOL)Have a great Monday.


  3. I usually do two-three cleanups a day too. Is it just too hard to try to clean up everything all day long since the kids continue to play and get things out.Since it is already Thursday, how are things going with your four goals?


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