Abby (alt title Time to Party)

On Friday one of my best friends Abby finally became legal to drink and she had been a good girl and had not really drank before. So it was going to be a fun night for all (Thanks Gabe, for being an awesome Boyfriend and being the dd for us girls). We started the night with sushi, good friends and a few gifts.
After dinner we headed to a bar, where we lost two friends who had to work in the morning. Being the most experienced drinker in the group (what am I saying about myself, am I saying I am old or a partier)I did most of the ordering. Since she is my friend and I am not cruel like some of my college friends (not naming names), I ordered stuff I knew that was good.
As I look at the picture on the right, I am shot taking champ(Okay to be honest it was Abby’s 21st and Brandi had just turned 21 the Friday before).
no so good
Seems Brandi didn’t like the shot or really anything that she tried. She didn’t even finish her margarita, Abby stepped up and finished it for her.
It isn’t a birthday with out one plain liquor shot, I chose Patron. I was pleasantly surprised by Abby’s ability to take what was handed to her with no complaints. Her favorites of the night were Jager Shots and her pineapple spritzer drink (which I didn’t like). She handled the whole night like a champ and woke up the next day with only a little hangover. She never once had to use the bucket I left for her in our back bedroom.
Abby deserved this night out, she has been there for me this past year when I was at my lowest. She stood beside me while I wallowed in self pity and then helped pick up the pieces when it was time to put on my big girl panties. I am so grateful to have a friend who loves me and my family that much. Happy Birthday Girl.

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