Label Me Crazy (Lovable Labels Review)

I was lucky enough to receive a Back to SchoolBe Bright, label package. I had Ian’s name put on the labels with the picture of the dinosaur. With Ian more then likely starting Mother’s Day Out in a month or so, these were a well timed investment.

The first thing we did is attach the metal mini tag to his diaper bag. Then I went label crazy labeling everything from head to toe that an Ian could need. My biggest worry was that the ink on the shoe labels would rub off onto his socks since they go the inside heel. To my surprise even after wearing them for a long time with lots of walking for Ian and I, his socks came out with no color fading. I also loved how the labels that I placed on his snack and sippy cups stayed on through numerous washing.  So far I have had a great experience with my Lovable Labels.

That isn’t all that Lovable Labels has to offer they have something for all of your label needs from Household, Medical, and even personalized cards for mailing out this falls school picture. So be sure to stop by Lovable Labels to take care of ALL your labeling needs.

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disclosure: I was provide a lovable labels, back to school -be bright label package in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine.  

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