Words, Words, Words

What does one do when the temperature break the century mark. Well here in our home it was a lot of being lazy. Saturday Ian and I took a long nap while Casey enjoyed having the house to himself. He isn’t a loud person to begin with so with us napping it was as good as being home by himself. Sadly though Saturday night was not as relaxing Ian woke up about 2 hours after going to bed, he was screaming Mama and just wanted to cuddle me. I spent over an hour rocking him before he fell asleep, Casey was upset that I spent the time rocking him. I on the other hand enjoyed holding my big boy like a baby again and sitting with him in his quiet dark room. I know moments like that aren’t going to happen as often.

Today on the other was not napped away, instead I started the 3rd Sookie book. I am really enjoying the books even if they are quite different then the show. Ian was enjoying running from where I was reading back to his Daddy all afternoon. I love days like these where there is no rush to be anywhere or do anything.
We did drink lots of water
Drink Lots of Water

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4 Replies to “Words, Words, Words”

  1. It is way too hot to leave the house. Snuggling in the AC is always best. I'm sorry he's teething. At least he's almost done!


  2. yep! Those darn growing pains. That's really the best though, when you can just snuggle with your little one as if a baby again. Good times! Enjoy it, because he's getting HUGE! Lol! Miss ya!


  3. I'm letting my kids watch movies and built pillow mountains and jump on them and whatever else keeps the crazy to a minimum. I've read all the Sookie books except the most recent one. I've never watched the show though.


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