Love and Laughter

A night out with my love sans baby happened a couple of weekends ago. I love spending time as a family but sometimes we need to a night out on the town. That night we were out to celebrate good things for good friends.

I don’t know how to make this happen more often, I realized after that night that Casey and I need to make us a priority. When we make time for ourselves we are more patient with each other, we both become more affectionate with each other, and we are better parents. I need date ideas, stay in and going out are both welcome.

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One Reply to “Love and Laughter”

  1. We've always made it a priority to get time without the kids. We've had periods in our life when we relied on the generosity of others for free babysitting and cheap dates and other times when we could splurge a little.We love sports, so a lot of our dates revolve around that. Ranger tickets in select sections are only 10 dollars for most Fridays and you can park far out for 5 dollars (we have a free parking hookup!). College sports are cheap usually. We tailgate at all the UNT games and go to the basketball games too. There are semi-pro baseball teams in Ft. Worth and Grand Prairie.I've wanted to do a wine tasting but we haven't yet. Depending on what is included they can be very affordable. We use Netflix and watch movies/tv shows when the kids are in bed. Anything that is us doing the same thing instead of me reading and Husband watching TV is special. :)Good luck!


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