Birthdays and Bling

I know I left you all hanging with the picture of just a diamond ring. Sadly it wasn’t a surprise from Casey (I would rather have a a new Dslr camera instead). Our friend L and the tables turned on her by her now fiancée K, she was planning a surprise birthday party for him. Well it became an engagement/birthday party, Casey and I were taken by surprise by the engagement but other friends were in on it.
After pretty much taking over a restaurant and terrorizing the other patrons. We headed out for drinks.
It ended up being Karaoke night at the place we ended up after dinner. What does one do to celebrate their friends engagement and at the same time embarrass themselves? Well they sing “Straight Up” (Paula Abdul) with Lou.
I wasn’t done embarrassing myself, I then decided I needed to sing some Reba. If your gonna sing Reba well it might as well be “Fancy”. After throughly embarrassing myself, I decided to call it a night. But all in all it was a great night, I am so happy for L and K. I wish them the best of luck in all that life brings for them.
Yes in the second picture the happy couple are taking celebratory shots from our amazingly patient server at dinner.

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