Flashback Friday: The First Week Edition

Ian Week 1
On Jan. 19, 2009; I walked in to Medical Center Mckinney knowing that our lives would change forever. I was being induced at 42 weeks, Ian was quiet comfortable and not showing any signs of coming. The next day I started the induction process, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. About an hour and half after they start the medication my water broke naturally, I wasn’t in too much pain. I knew though that an epidural was in my future because I hadn’t slept at all the night before; nerves, nurses not leaving me alone, etc. So about 1 pm I had an epidural and then I slept the afternoon away. During the 9 o’clock hour Ian Ruel was born and my heart was filled with joy. And I was so glad to not be pregnant anymore and he was healthy.
Ian day 1
The next two days in the hospital were probably the easiest of the first 6 weeks; Ian went to the nursery, Casey went home to sleep (we had FootFoot and he snores so bad I knew I wouldn’t rest if he was staying there). I slept except when they brought Ian to feed. We didn’t have many visitors (which was at my request), I wanted time to be alone with my Baby and Husband.
The day we came home I was so excited to see my fur baby but she wasn’t interested in me. She wanted to see her brother. I remember how upset she was the first time he cried, she raced up the stairs in front of me to check on him. That night he didn’t sleep at all, I remember how Casey couldn’t understand how he could be awake for hours at night but do nothing but sleep during the day.
A week and one day later was my husbands 26 birthday. I remember how my mom came over that day and helped so that I could get his present together. Then she was kind enough to give us a gift card so that we could have a date night, yes I left my one week old with my mom for a little over an hour to go to dinner. Boy how quickly those days have past.

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8 Replies to “Flashback Friday: The First Week Edition”

  1. Those days seem like a million years ago for me, even though it's been less than 3. They get big SO fast! Sweet flashback.


  2. Hi! I'm visiting you through Flashback Friday! Thanks for making your post into a whole story, I really enjoyed it!


  3. Awww!!! Look at how big that binky is, in the first picture, compared to his teeny tiny little face!!!!


  4. Aw, I loved reading this post. The pictures were just too adorable. He was to itty bitty. ::sigh:: babies 🙂


  5. Oh, I can't even remeber that first week! My mom came to stay, and I'm so glad she did because my husband was VERY sick. He wasn't able to be around me or the baby for over 2 weeks. It was rough. Mine's three now. 🙂 So worth it and so fun!


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