These are the Days that make it all worth it.

I am sitting here, I am not having any ideas. Life in the past weeks has seem to be easily calm for the most part. I mean there has been the everyday struggles that every wife and mother has. Nothing though to write home about, I am enjoying the joys. I drink each one in with a smile and deep breath. My days are filled with lots of smooches and hugs, I am don’t know how long this happy days will last before the next thing swoops out and takes us by surprise.

So I will let the days be filled with blowing bubbles, snuggly naps together in the big bed, afternoon swims, random book filled trips to the library, and lots of hugs.

I love when these days come to a close; with suits drying, the bubble bottle a little more empty, a library bag full of new adventures, a heart filled to the brim with love, and a toddler bed filled with an sleeping toddler who has stolen my heart (or those nights where the exhausted toddler wants to play with his Daddy who has recently returned to work instead of sleep, I understand those feelings even if the Daddy doesn’t).
Drying SuitsMy biggest fear is to wake up one morning and realizing that everything that makes life worth living is gone. My new goal is to drinking life in big gulps all that I can take in and enjoy them all. So that the next time the darkness tries to rule, I have sword to fight back with.

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6 Replies to “These are the Days that make it all worth it.”

  1. That is why you keep enjoying those moments as if they will be your last. Live life to the fullest! Then you will have no regrets.


  2. These are the best days. They will always be with you, because in your heart they can not be forgotten.Steph


  3. The best thing is to enjoy the small happy moments. Those memories are what keeps us warm during dark times. And we want our children to look back at their childhood and remember the cuddles and swimming time, and stories. Those are the best memories anyone can have.


  4. I so understand… joy is starting the day with a cup of coffee on the front porch and listen to the birds sing!


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