To the Hostess at Chili’s

Dear Hostess;
As someone who has done you job in the past, I know it can be stressful at times. This Sunday evening was not one of those nights. I was appalled by you lack of common sense when doing your job tonight. We arrived during a slow time and were promptly seated. That was about the only time you did anything right. After being seated we waited over five minutes to be greeted by our server because you didn’t tell him he had a table. I understand that you try to keep your seating rotation fair but our server’s section had numerous other tables open. Though you had to sit the family with two preschool aged children directly beside us. Who then proceeded to scream and distracted our well behaved toddler from eating in essence ruining our meal because we had to stop eating ourselves to constantly keep Ian from behaving rudely in public. Unlike some parents we don’t condone our child acting like an animal in public. It is common sense and decency in an empty restaurant to not sit children by children. Maybe if you would pull yourself away from flirting with the Bartender to do your job, you might have noticed this. I don’t think Chili’s is paying you to work on your love life. So maybe if you take a bit more care in doing your job and a little less time flirting, you might notice these things. To anyone that wonders this was the Chili’s on Knox Ave. in Dallas, Tx.

5 Replies to “To the Hostess at Chili’s”

  1. Delightful! The parent of a young child doesn't want to be seated near another young child. She prefers they distribute them evenly around the restaurant, to maximize the disturbance for the rest of us. Thanks goodness I would never eat at a Chili's.


  2. Wow your life is pretty pitiful if this is the worst thing you can complain about, good grief get a freaking grip.


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