One Week In

It has been an extremely good but interesting week. Casey started back to work on Monday, I am unsure of how it is going. He keeps saying,” It is to early to tell.” Which I can totally understand, he isn’t even doing everything he will be doing yet. Ian and I have been keeping our selves busy, too busy I realized today. When we woke up this morning we were both spent, we had a chill breakfast and then spent the day in our jammies. After a few hours of playing and some cuddles thrown in we, wondered down the hall to Mommy and Daddy’s big bed and snuggled up for some Mommy and Ian napping. When we laid down I figured we would nap for like an hour. Boy was I wrong 3 and a half hours later I was woke up by a a kiss on the cheek and a little boy asking for a snack. So we got up and scrounged up a snack and has some more cuddling, while countdown the minutes until Daddy (Casey got home) we both were missing him badly. So I think that when I blogged last week worrying about a new rountine, I think I maybe stressed about it too much. I think I need to mellow out a just enjoy our days together and whatever they may bring.

Even if that means after nap snacks in my bed so I can put away clean clothes.

A morning adventure outside with the blanket.

Taking it easy most days trying to stay cool, when it is a almost 90 degrees before 10 am.

What are your plans for what is left of your summer?

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2 Replies to “One Week In”

  1. This is all so true – as stay at home/work at home moms, we have to really be flexible with what each day brings. Some days we may bond a lot, some days work a lot, and other days may seem like a complete waste. We just always have to remember that we are doing the best we can and that we are awesome moms =)


  2. Having a routine is important but so is being flexible. You guys will get used to being the two of you again quicker than you know it.


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