Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer
The past week has been too hot to handle, we have been enjoying our last week with Casey before he returns to work. We have had a date, a mystery rash causing virus (that is its own post), and lots of lounging around.
I can’t forget to mention though that Ian got a hold of his powder while he was supposed to be napping and got it everywhere. So the next week is going to be a huge shift from what had become a comfortable routine for the three of us(we may have been tired of each other but still it was nice to have an extra set of hands). So Ian and I will be spending our days, getting into a new old routine. Any advice?
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3 Replies to “Dog Days of Summer”

  1. Aww! Hope you're all feeling much better. Take it slow and easy and go with the flow if you can! :)Steph


  2. write out a routinemake sure you have everything coveredmeals (balanced and kid friendly)bath time and nap timebe sure there is ample learning includedexercise for you bothchart it allthen give it to Ian….he knows how to tear stuff up!


  3. Do you have a chihuahua? Cute! Enjoy your last week together! I know it's been hard, but I bet you anything you will miss these days not too far down the road. *hugs*


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