With the Flip of a Coin

Last week I wrote this, which was all doom and gloom. Well whatever medication they had tried to put me on was not doing it’s job. It made every trait I dislike about myself come out times ten. My husband finally admitted to me that during the past few weeks he still loved me but very much dislike the way I was behaving. After a meltdown over spilled soda last Friday, I realized that the medication that they had me trying was not working. So as much as I wanted to change medication off of Paxil, I am going to go with the the motto if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. As it dawned on me that I might lose all that I loved. My behavior was horrid, I was losing my cool over the dumbest things. I was snapping at Ian when he didn’t do anything. Knowing Casey was going back to work in just a few days, something had to change. So with that I started back on the Paxil. With in just a couple days, I was feeling more in control of my self. I know that not everyone likes medication, some are very against it. As someone who has been battling Anxiety and Depression for years and to finally found a medication that helps. So for those who have dealt with this type of things in the past, how do I inform my doctor that I don’t thinking change medication is the right way to go?
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5 Replies to “With the Flip of a Coin”

  1. From the sound of your own blog post just now describing your reactions/behavior, it sounds like you actually might NEED medication for your anxiety/depression. So why would you want to go unmedicated? Ask your doctor about Geodon. It's a very effective medication for mood control and anger management.


  2. Just tell your doctor. Let your doctor know that you're afraid of what will happen if you change or stop yours meds. Just be honest. State your concerns and reasoning. If he/she doesn't want to listen, I've found that a taser to the nut sack is effective.


  3. Remember, it's not up to your doctor, it's up to YOU. It's your body, and nobody knows better than you do what's going on inside. Listen to your gut, be honest about your reaction to the meds when you talk to your doctor and don't let anyone bully you into taking something you don't want.I am a firm believer in the appropriate use of anti-depressants. I've seen first hand what happens when people who have a chemical imbalance and they don't use the meds prescribed to them… it isn't pretty. If it makes you a better wife, mother, friend etc. and if you are happier with yourself then I say it's all good!


  4. i really hope you get it all sorted out. and i think you're totally brave for taking meds. i don't know if i could!xx


  5. I'm a bit late, but be honest with your dr tell him/her your concerns and thoughts. This is your body, you make the ultimate decision and if you need to remind the dr of that FACT, do so.


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