Lovable Labels BlogHer’10 Getaway Contest

In the past year Social Media has brought me numerous new friends, these friends in real life and on the tubes have banded together when I needed a friend this past year. Out of the numerous new friendships I have been lucky enough to have made, there is a core group that I am so thankful for. Of this group most are lucky enough to be attending BlogHer in NYC in just a few weeks, this is conference of the year for most women bloggers. I know how badly my friend Jamie would love to have the chance to getaway to NYC with her girlfriends for a few days.
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Jamie and I both live in the Lonestar state, we are both 25, both first time moms (our babies are only 6 months apart) and so many other similarities. We didn’t even know each other until right be the Evo Conference, that happened just a few weeks ago. Once we got to talking we both realized how much we have in common and stressful the past year had been for us both. Her family has been hit hard with her Dad having multiply types of caner and the family stress that brings. With the last few days her niece has come to stay with her. Not to mention a battle with secondary infertility and finally the day to day stress of being a women, wife, and mother.
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We realized quickly that the we would be fast friends. We are sad that we live four hours apart, we won’t get to see each other as much as we like. Thankful for social media to stay connected, but we love to have a girlfriend getaway to NYC. It we would be great to unwind and spend a few days with such a great friend.
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This post is a contest entry for Lovable Labels BlogHer Contest

6 Replies to “Lovable Labels BlogHer’10 Getaway Contest”

  1. That's a good picture of the two of you. I am thankful for Social Media also. It's making things happen in my life that I never thought possible. Hope you win!


  2. Bobbi,I am so glad that I am lucky enough to call you my friend, you are such an amazing mom, wife, friend, and woman. I am thankful everyday that we have become friends. Thank you so much, you have no idea what this post means to me.Jamie


  3. I'd love to say 4 hours isn't that bad but that would be coming from a gal with no kids. lol. It's great to see friendships formed. 🙂


  4. It is such a bummer living far away from online friends! Great post, best of luck on the contest!LindsaySilly Mom Thoughtshttp://blog.lindsaymaddox.com


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