Flashback Friday

Today’s post isn’t so much a flashback as it is a goodbye. It is a sad farewell, Ian’s baby face is disappearing more and more each day. I took a photo on the fourth where there wasn’t a trace of baby left. While editing this picture, I cried. I am not ready for him to have no traces of baby left.
Flashback Friday 7.9.10
As you can see in the top right picture there isn’t any baby left in that face. I want him to grow and flourish but part of me isn’t ready for this. What am to do with a little boy, I could handle the baby part of boy but a little boy I have no clue.
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4 Replies to “Flashback Friday”

  1. Oh man, kids grow up so fast. I watch my friends kids, and start to feel like time is just slipping away. What a sweet little guy.


  2. Hi Bobbi,My heart was right with you when I read your post. Just this week, I was going thru Little J's pictures and realized how big he is growing. It really struck me as we started planning the summer and I didn't schedule the same things as I did when he was in elem. school. No more Children's Museum, no more Disney movies, no more extended summer care thru the elementary school. Now it is golf lessons, chess class, flying by himself to see my brother's family, church camp, etc etc etc. Each stage of his life has been bittersweet, but I am so proud of him as he becomes more secure and independent, so that pride in him takes away some of the melancholy I feel of losing the little boy. Thank goodness for lots and lots of pictures to remember him at each stage of his life. Take heart at all the things you are teaching him to grow up into a fine little man. What you wrote about is so normal, so wallow a little in the sadness of losing the baby, then celebrate the little person he is growing into.


  3. I noticed that about him too. He totally looks like a little boy and not a baby (except when he has his pacifier). Don't grow up, baby Ian!


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