Mom it won’t go in the hole!

Blowing Bubbles
This afternoon mere minutes before a the rain hit we were outside enjoying one of the joys of summer. Ian is still getting it down, though this afternoon he managed to actually blow a bubble. Which he promptly popped out of surprise. Even more challenge for him is getting the wand in the hole, it just isn’t easy for him. Poor guy spent over a minute trying to get it at one point. He will just look at me frustrated and say in the hole, but if I try to help he just gets angry. Any advice moms?
Get in your home
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2 Replies to “Mom it won’t go in the hole!”

  1. hahaha. my youngest is nowhere near bubble blowing status. he can't get it in the hole either. cute pictures!!


  2. Just keep showing patience and try to talk him through it without actually "helping" him. He will get frustrated, but eventually he will get better with it. It's good that he's challenging himself!


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