Where or Where did my words go?

The words are not coming to tell you about all that I learned and the wonderful women I met during my time in Utah, while attending the Evo Conference at The Canyons. My mind is full of things I want to write about, women who when they spoke filled me with emotions (and when they took a moment to speak to me and to listen to what I was saying, one of these women Stephine called me out on not telling my stories and using my son as a shield, she said it in a much more eloquent manner but I understood the meaning). Which I am very guilty of doing, I have been hiding behind him. The women I have met through social media especially Jamie and Lolly know that isn’t how I want to be and in person not how I am. So how do I find my words to tell my stories the ones that I am living in this moment and the ones that helped make me the women I am today?

Where Have My Words Gone

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Looking for Wordless Wednesday

5 Replies to “Where or Where did my words go?”

  1. You are an amazing person and story teller, I think the world NEEDS to hear what you have to say and to see the TRUE Bobbi! If I can be brave and open up so can you! XOXOX LOVE YA!


  2. I have much difficulty in story telling online. But in person I can talk your ear off for 7 weeks. I know how hard it is. So lately I have been trying to write how I speak. And it has been much easier for me.


  3. Sometimes it's easier to keep on the lighter side of life and share the not-so-dark stories. You are not afraid to write content that could possibly offend others (mainly your family) so you should do it! Write your ass off. You'll feel like yourself again.


  4. I know exactly what you mean here… I do that too, only I use hilarity and humor as a shield. I think, too, though that we have to remember that this is the internet, and we don't want to get TOO honest, ya know?


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