Where To Start

The past couple weeks have thrown so many curve balls at me that I have no idea where to start. I have been to Utah and Back, had my flight home canceled, attended an amazing social media conference, came home to a grumpy husband, a clingy baby. Spent a few days getting my home back up to par. Had our old neighbor from college and his lovely lady friend come visit, celebrated the fourth with old friends and had a belated celebration today with friends. A midnight movie premiere, a breakfast out with good friends and can’t forget an afternoon of playing in the rain. Oh and one case of food poisoning.
End of June
I had to start back somewhere and now I have. You also have a sneak peak of what is coming in the next few days weeks. I had to dive in somewhere after my short hiatus, it wasn’t planned but it was nice.
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When is the last time you Danced in the Rain?

2 Replies to “Where To Start”

  1. Wow…things have been busy for you! Busy is nice, but it's always good when life goes back to normal, I think. 🙂


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