Fan Girl Tears

Last night I walked into the ballroom where the opening keynote and party for Evo Conference was happening. I started to work the room, introducing my self to women and catching up with old friends/ When I turned around at my table I saw one woman at the table behind me to introduce myself. As she went to say her name and I realized in was Heather of The Sphors Are Multiplying, I was star struck (at that moment I lost my words). So I stumbled and wasn’t my super fabulous self, it was like high school all over again.
Fan Girl Tears
See no lie, I was a hot mess.

Then the keynote began, and I was amazed by all of them. I cried many tears. That is another post. I just wanted to give you a sneak peek.

Surprise, I am giving away a the necklace that was on the table for conference attendees. Even if you couldn’t make it doesn’t mean you should get a little bit of the swag. Contest will run til from 6/25/10 til 6/27/10 sometime in the afternoon. Open to anyone, only rule just comment. Good Luck.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Don’t miss any of my adventures of being a Grown up?

Giveaway not in anyway affiliated with EVO it is being hosted and mailed by me

4 Replies to “Fan Girl Tears”

  1. You are NOT a hot mess, you look darling! Pink is about my fave color and it looks good on you. Glad you are being inspired and getting to meet all sorts of cool people.So here's my entry for the giveaway. Gotta run, going to put Little J on the plane for a visit with my brother's family. And I'm going to get some sleep!!!!Take care.@lonestarliferPaula


  2. Hot mess? You watch your mouth! :)You are a hott mama #assslap Don't you forget it ladyRock the shit outta #EVOxoxo


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