Home Routine

I have spent this week busting my hump to get my home back to shape. When we moved here in October, I never got it up to snuff, I just coasted through. Well after dwelling, pouting, and even throwing a few fits trying to get help. I put on my big girl panties and did it myself. I still have a few small things to do get it just right but I will get there. The sad thing is that I know when our lease is up I will have to start all over again, since Casey got laid off and was unable to find a job in the part of town. The commute would be killer, but that is all for another post. I decided now that I have it at the level where it just needs to be maintained that I would make myself a cleaning schedule.

Pick up living room 
Make Beds
Laundry- Sheets & Towels
Bobbi and Ian’s Bathroom 
Laundry Room
Casey’s Bathroom
Laundry-Catch up

Kitchen Floors

What do you think? I think I made each day manageable with out feeling overwhelmed, does it seem like I am leaving something major off? I also thought that with fewer things to do each day that if Ian and I wanted to go do something, wee can get up get it done and out the door rather quickly. Do you have a home maintenance routine?

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7 Replies to “Home Routine”

  1. Schedules are good…I just couldn't keep one! 🙂 Way to go with the cleaning though. It always makes me feel better when I've got things in order.


  2. You have yourself vacuuming on Tuesday AND Thursday. Unless you have a bunch of hairy dogs that live in your house or you let your kids eat in the living room, you probably don't need to vacuum 2 days apart like that.


  3. Holy smokes Bobbi, are you a clean freak?! Just teasin. Since you asked…no, I definitely don't have a cleaning schedule. Oddly enough, I myself was a self proclaimed clean freak. Then I got married and had a kid who became a toddler. There is way too much fun to be had now. Part of our nighttime routine is picking up. The whole family pitches in and I make sure (most nights) to get the kitchen cleaned up. I only clean about every other week, although main floors get swept more often due to high traffic and mealtime crumbs. Check out Linn Allen over at 5000moms for fabulous organization and cleaning tips. She has made the biggest difference in my home (closets especially!). See you at EVO!!


  4. I don't have a schedule but I need one. It's just…when I wake up every day, I just want to hide under the covers all day and eat brownies. Your schedule sounds good.


  5. Interesting. Seems manageable. Maybe a little me-ish (in the fact that you are trying to jam-pack everything in a week, causing you to forgo sleep at some points), but it's still flexible.


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