FlashBack Friday

This past week has been one of struggles here in our home. Ian and I have been struggling to communicate, he is become more and more toddler with less and less baby in the mix. I used to think that the newborn stage was the hardest, but I am quicky coming to the realization that this age, the age between baby and preschooler is the toughest. He knows what he wants yet he can’t always effectively communicated it to me or his daddy. I think these times are commonly referred to as the terrible twos. Or maybe his change in attitude is coming from the switching from a crib to a toddler bed, which we did this week.
FlashBack Friday 6.18.2010
So when sitting down to write this post, I was going to use pictures of Casey and Ian with a father’s day theme. That isn’t what came out of going through pictures, instead I found myself favoring pictures of Ian that made me smile. Him as a tiny babe plotting to take over the world. Then him at about 9 months old moving to much to capture but a smile none the less. I know he is to small to actually be reading his Big Bird book but engrossed in it he is. And lastly our little Aggie getting ready to go build a bigger, better Bonfire.

I have never not loved him during our trying moments this week, but man did he stretch to my patience. He actually found the line and crossed it at one point during the week, it was the day that I had been cleaning non-stop for hours with out help. He and Casey had just got back from running an errand where the only thing I asked for was a drink with ice (we don’t have room in our freezer to have ice). Well I sat it down on my nightstand to go back to cleaning our much neglected room. I turned around and Ian had it, I firmly told him to put it back. I kid you not he looked at me and instead of putting it back threw it down on the ground busting the cup of diet coke all over my carpet. I lost it, I yelled for Casey to come get him and the look on Ian’s face he knew he had found a line he didn’t want to cross again. He didn’t cry or act afraid he walked out holding Casey’s hand when he came calmly. Not 15 minutes later he comes in to bring me his blanket and to give me hug. There has been brief flashes of my sweet loving boy this week but they have been few and far between. I want more flashes of sweet and loving and less of scary terrorist toddler.
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5 Replies to “FlashBack Friday”

  1. It will get easier. I think you handled that a lot more gracefully than I would have. Proud of you for that one! Hope you have fun and enjoy some you time next week at Evo! *hugs*


  2. These kids of ours. They sure know how to make us crazy, and melt our hearts, both at the same time. But to be fair- living a life, in Texas no less, without the option of ice… is rough.


  3. Wonderful shots.I would have lost it, too. They do have a way of making us crazy at times.


  4. I am sorry it's been a frustrating week! When the kids do something like that, and then come to apologize in their own way, it partly makes up for it right? hehe May your next week be better!


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