Musical Pony Rides

This past March, I attended a consignment sale with Jenny. While shopping I came across a rocking horse for the great price of $8.99. I remember how much I loved my rocking horse my cousins rocking horse, I may have grown up and only child but I didn’t get everything. So I thought what a great deal to get Ian one, well I brought it home and you would have thought I brought home the boogie man. Ian was more terrified of it then the vacuum and that is saying something. Overtime he grew to love tolerate it, he might even occasionally ride it.
What I didn’t realize when I purchased this particular rocking horse, is that it could play music. The sad part of this realization is that I didn’t figure this particular feature out until today while vacuuming. Yes he has been part of our home for three months and no one figured this out.
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5 Replies to “Musical Pony Rides”

  1. I love this age. Well, I love every age. But watching them explore and discover, and when they discover something cool like this, to see the intensity and concentration as they figure out how it works, I took all that in. Enjoy! He's a cutie.


  2. Been there done that. Isn't it greeeat when you find that a cute toy makes loud noise. Hopefully this one makes cute easy to listen to music. If not I heard duct tape or hot glue over the speaker area works great!!


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