Sniffles, Sneezes, and Slime

The Plague has taken over our home for the past week it attacked every resident in our home. We started out high class using Kleenex and Boogie Wipes but as the week went on we were using toilet paper and paper towels. As we seemed to be recovering from the cold that over taken our world, we (Casey and I) were hit out of no where with a tummy bug. Can’t we get a break, luckily Casey was spared until after his job interview Friday. Sadly though he started feeling the effects right as he had to start his 3 hour drive home from his interview.

We have spent this weekend, recovering all of us. Ian and I are on the upswing finally. Casey is a few days behind us in the sickness cycle. I am hoping that by the middle of the week we are all back to our normal chipper self. Nothing is sadder then a baby that has a runny nose, doesn’t feel well, and only wants his mama.

But that didn’t stop him from giving me his first cheese, this past week.
Cheese in

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