Here we are it is Monday again and kids what does that mean it is time for another round of Texas Holly of JuneCleaverNirvana’s. After taking last week off since she had just came back from vacation, it is back and better then ever.

In the last week there has been so hope in the form of a job interview with a local firm. It went well as far as we can tell, the called him back after his first interview in less then two hours to ask him to have lunch and meet everyone. Now we wait to here what comes of it all.

Poor baby didn’t hide much, since he was getting over being sick and scaring me to death.  He instead drove me crazy with whiny, screaming and crying out if as much as walked out of his sight. In the past few days he has started to become his old self and hid one of my favorite shoes.

Boy is was a crazy week for the us. We spent the Sunday before memorial day at Lauren’s swimming and cooking out. Then Friday I got it in my head to dye my hair and Lauren agreed to help and ended interestingly enough .

In the past few days, I have seriously though about stopping blogging publicly. I miss writing for myself.  I don’t spell well or use grammar correctly and I am tired of people constantly telling me this. I didn’t start writing for others, I started writing for me. I miss writing from my heart, now it seems I sit and edit the heart out of it all.

What did you do in the past week? Anything interesting happen in the past two weeks?

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4 Replies to “Potluck”

  1. I don't think you should stop blogging publicly. I think it's rude that people criticize your blog. But anyway, you aren't writing it for the criticizers (is that a word?), you are writing it for the people who want to know what is going on in your life. I am stopping by to say hi, but I don't know exactly where I came from. Oh, from Adventures in Babywearing!Nice to meet you!


  2. OK, only crazy people would come to YOUR blog and COMPLAIN…doesn't that just sound insane? I say do what is the best for you, but you should never have to apologize! This is YOUR place. You set the rules.SO glad about the interview…keeping fingers crossed. Also glad that baby is doing better. They are so pitiful when sick.thanks for potlucking!


  3. Girl I don't get to write ANYTHING for me, I even get criticized for my Twitter which I finally just deleted and you know how tame I am in my tweets. But I live vicariously through you so I need you to keep blogging!!You know the grammar/spelling thing doesn't mean you shouldn't blog, maybe just take a minute to read over before you hit Publish. It doesn't mean you shouldn't publish!! :0)


  4. I agree with the others. Blog if you want to, if you don't, then stop. That said, the people who leave nasty comments? Just delete them & don't give them a second thought. :)What happened with the job interview? So exciting!!! You may have posted it somewhere & I missed it.


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