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I overpacked
In just a few days I will be flying out to Evo in Park City, Utah. I am luck enough to be attending mostly all do to the generosity of others. I have never flown before heck I have barely been outside of the state of Texas. We didn’t take many vacations when I was younger. So I have no clue how to pack for this or what to pack. The general consensus is that I should take nothing but a carry on. This to me seems terrifying, I should be in over packing anonymous. I will take in tips, hints, tricks; you my lovely readers can throw at me.
My next quandary is that my flight sponsor bought my flight with frequent flier miles and I am flying in a day earlier then originally planned and out a day later. At the advice of many people, I more then likely will sleep at the airport on Tuesday night since my flight doesn’t get in till 11:30pm. The main problem is where will I sleep on Sunday night since the reservation for the place I am staying during the conference end Sunday morning. Any ideas, remember I am strapped for cash so spending as little money as possible (hopefully none).
If you have any other advice about blogging conferences, packing, or travel I am all ears. I am a newbie to all 3.

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14 Replies to “Travel Newbie”

  1. You can go to the airport on the day you check out of your hotel and ask to be put on standby for the next flight out. If they are not full they will let you fly out earlier. Or you could extend your hotel reservation for one more night. It would be alot better than spending a whole day and night waiting in the airport to leave. I guess if you take a laptop and sit near a plug at least you could Twitter a little bit, kill some time.


  2. Bobbi, I think it's so fun that you're attending Evo! I'd love to hear all about it. I was very curious to attend, but didn't have the cash. So excited for you! Is Ian traveling with you?You should easily be able to fit everything you need in a carryon, especially just for a weekend trip. Be sure to wear your "biggest" clothes (ie: jeans, tennis shoes, etc – the ones that take up the most room). Don't bring a hairdryer if your hotel room comes with one. Bring clothes that do double-duty, so slacks you can wear during the day and dress up for a nicer look at night (with a different shirt, jewelry, etc.) Take clothes that make you feel most confident and comfortable. As far as hotel – do you know anyone else attending the conference? Maybe someone local that you could crash at their house? Or someone you could split a room with? Maybe, while you're at the conference, ask around about others who are staying an extra night and find out whether any of them would like a roommate. Then you'll be in the safety and comfort of the hotel at a fraction of the cost. I think your best bet is to find others attending the conference that could help point you in the right direction re: locals or others interested in roomsharing.


  3. Well I hope you have a blast! I don't know much about blog conferences or traveling… I wish I could be more help! But I do know you should try not to have to check a bag if at al possible!


  4. Yay! I'm so happy you got your flight handled! I still need to purchase mine. It's making me nervous, I'm afraid all the flights will be booked by the time I purchase it. I've just been waiting to see if there are any good deals since I am on a budget as well. You will figure out how to get everything that you need with you. I used to be a massive over-packer, but when I realized I don't need to take the whole house with me, I started to decide what is important to take along and not.I can't wait to see you again! Seems like everything is working out, so don't worry about it too much. Even if you do have to stay at the airport, you will probably meet lots of interesting people and have some YOU time to just sit back and relax. When is the last time you really had some you time, anyway?


  5. Shoes take up the most room, so try to keep those to a minimum. If you can, wear your largest pair on the plane and then pack a smaller pair (like flats). Of course you have to take off your shoes when going through airport security so make sure they aren't too difficult to get on and off.The TSA is NOT kidding about the 311 rule, so don't even try bringing something that is 4 oz in a carryon or they'll make you throw it away. But definitely do try to bring only a carryon, because 1) most airlines charge fees to check baggage now, and 2) you have a high likelihood of showing up and not having our luggage if you check your bags. Then you have to wear what you've got on for several days while waiting for your luggage to arrive (if it ever does).It is fun! Maybe you can sit near a window, which is our favorite place to watch takeoff and landing!


  6. The biggest pain about traveling with only carry-ons is trying to fit all of your toiletries into the appropriate sized containers. As your friend said, the airports are very strict about the 311 rule. Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS and Walgreens all carry a packet of small containers and a baggie that are all the approved sizes. It never hurts to buy one of those. Also, don't forget that airport security will scan your things and anything that is questionable will be pulled out and searched. I travel relatively frequently and about 60% of the time they have to look through my things. So pack carefully and strategically. And don't give the airport security any attitude. They don't take kindly to it. Your trip is in their hands. 🙂 Also, don't forget to keep your driver's license/passport or other form of identity in a very accessible place. You are only allowed one carryon suitcase and a purse. They can also be picky about purses. Its not always a good idea to carry your biggest purse. They can sometimes get pissy about that.As far as staying at the airport goes, I'd strongly recommend against it. It is a pain the ass to sleep at the airport. It will make for a very long night. I'd highly suggest finding a cheap room somewhere. Like your friend said, try asking others at the conference. There has to be an alternative to sleeping at the airport.


  7. I just wanted to sag that the person that said you ppost too much, was rude! If she does not like your posts she should not read.In other news, I know how you feel about overpacking i do it all the time. Of and have fun, you deserve it :)-Kristen


  8. Man, I almost never travel. I have no advice. I can't wait to hear about the trip though, its going to be awesome. And I'm glad to hear that your little boy is feeling better. I was worried for you and your family, its so hard to see them like that.


  9. Oh, JennyB had great advice, too. And one more thought – a great benefit of taking a carryon –besides saving money on check fees– is that it's easier for you to fly standby if you choose!


  10. Ask on Twitter if you can, to see if someone needs a roommate for that night. I hope all goes well!Steph


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