Suprises Around

This weekend started out great Saturday Ian and I went to dinner with my mom. Sunday Ian and I went to Lauren’s to cook out and swim.
Picnik collage
We enjoyed spending the day with new friends and old friends. Ian was a brave guy and if he fell under water didn’t freak out he would come up laughing.
Picnik collage
We woke up yesterday and oh how the tides had turned, Ian woke up super late then after he attempted to eat breakfast, he went right back to bed. Then after medication and a luke warm bath his temp wouldn’t go down. By the time the ER checked him in it was 103.9, so we were immediately put in a room. After numerous test, where my poor baby was poked and prodded. We were sent home with a diagnosis of we think it is a virus, keep alternating medications, make sure he gets fluids, and don’t worry if he isn’t eating. I really wanted to be like really that is all you can do for him.
Picnik collage
Today we could tell he was feeling a little better, we got him to laugh and play some. He ate some of his lunch and all of his dinner, breakfast was a no go he just picked. While writing this he woke up and was a little warm, luckily it was time for his next does of motrin. After a few minutes of cuddling he was ready to go back to his bed. So here is hoping tomorrow he is back to normal, in reality I think it will be Thursday before he is 100%.

Also in the exciting news department, Casey has a job interview Thursday morning. Please send him good thoughts and getting hired vibes.

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4 Replies to “Suprises Around”

  1. What the hell? Viral?! I hate that! Sometimes I think that's their way of saying "we don't fucking know" but srlsy…sometimes I think some crazy shit ;)You, Casey and Ian will be in my thoughts (the good ones) and prayers (lots of prayer, yes I, know..shocking…I pray) I'm actually very good a praying. Not that you need to know that right now, or ever but too late. I typed it and I'm not taking it back.Keep us posted! Don't make me send @thebastardcat to TX.XOXOXOHope you feel better soon Ian {hugs}Casey, gettemMama, you fucking ROCK


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