Short and Sweet

Ian is improving, I know this because today has literally been all complaints all the time from him. We are glad he is feeling better, but overwhelmed by all the bitching and moaning he is doing.
We have so much to do today to prep Casey, for his interview. So I am going ask all you guys a question, the interview is a breakfast time interview at 8 in the morning. Do you think he should wear a jacket? Is having his interview so early in the morning a good or bad thing?

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6 Replies to “Short and Sweet”

  1. Yes he should wear a suit. A morning interview means nothing. Maybe that's the only time the interviewer had available. Good luck Casey!!!!


  2. I highly recommend he dress in his nicest clothing. My hubby has to interview people at his job and he says that it is always best to come in looking your best. First impressions mean a lot and showing that you chose to look your best for them says that you mean business. Good luck to Casey! I hope the interview goes well! 🙂


  3. Ya unless it is an office that is super casual (as in, shorts) he should probably wear the full suit, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.And meeting in the morning usually doesn't mean much except that the people he's meeting have a jam-packed day and that was the only time they could fit him in.


  4. For professional job interviews always wear a suit. ALWAYS. Even if the office is casual. The only exception would be if the interviewer or person who set up the interview told you otherwise. The time of the interview means nothing. Just that that was when the interviewer was available. (Trust me, I work in HR/staffing and was an Interview Scheduler for a few months. I have read the interview notes that hiring managers give after interviews. I'm on the inside. :))


  5. As others are saying, I think you should always wear a suit to an interview. It is definitely better to be overdressed than under. I don't know anything about what it means if it's in the morning or afternoon – probably nothing, just when it was convenient for them. Hope it goes well!


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