FlashBack Friday

Flashback Friday 5/28/10
This image is from the last few months of care free child free days, it was Casey’s 25th birthday party. Just a few short months after this party, we found out we would be parents. That night was filled with friends, laughter, and joy. Those moments have not been as often these past few weeks. In the past few hours we can have these moments with out spending tons of money. We can have friends over for nothing, we can go to the park, and do lots of things with out spending a dime.
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3 Replies to “FlashBack Friday”

  1. Ah childfree days. I barely remember those days, but what I do remember, makes me smile. Its a nice trade off, I think. Sometimes I miss the freedom, but it seems like anything that I would have gone out and done back then, I wouldn't go out and do now. I want a cupcake.


  2. I love how one photo can just be filled with hours worth of memories. It kind of makes for a memory train, where you remember that photo, then remember that night, then remember nights similar then remember happy times…. etc etc etc. Sweet!


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