Gnat in my eye

Piling up
After the first week of Casey being home jobless, and one huge meltdown later. We implemented a chore chart(for us the grown ups). I had enough of him not caring about the way our home looked, and I could not get it up to par alone. He agreed and for the first couple of weeks everything was going great. He was working with me to purge and get our home to a respectable amount of clean, I don’t need it to be perfect it but I hate the way we still treat our home like we are college kids. Then in the past week he seems to be slipping backwards. I guess I should tell you who has what duties.
Living Room
Pay Bills
Taking trash to Dumpster

He has less since he will go back to work at some point. I just want him to realize I need help. Well in the past couple of days our home seemed to be over taken by gnats. He kept asking me where they were coming from, well I was in the kitchen this evening filling foots water bowl and realized that there was an icky old milk sippy cup sitting in the sink he hadn’t been washing. When I moved it gnats attacked me, I about blew my lid. Instead I just finished watering foot, filled the sink with hot water and started washing the cups he hadn’t been washing. When I was finished. I just walked back into the living and instead avoided the argument that would have happened on calling him out on it. Which may seem childish to some of you, and I know it is but it irked me to no end. His biggest point when making the list together when I took laundry was that I had to wash and put it away in a timely manner(that is my biggest weakness putting it away). Well when he offered to take the kitchen if I took the bathrooms, I was ecstatic I hate doing dishes. Well I need to figure out how to calmly approach him that Ian’s cups are part of the dishes and leaving them sitting in the sink is not completely doing the dishes. Any ideas? On the other hand this chore chart has made doing the laundry more bearable some how.
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2 Replies to “Gnat in my eye”

  1. Tell him to get off his ass that as long as he is home from work he will NOT loaf around and think he is on vacation. I did this with Chris and it was BAD. BAD BAD BAD. More then just house work stuff BAD. But anyway if you don't talk to him about how you are feeling then he'll think everything is ok. Lets face it men aren't very observant when it comes to what us women are upset about. Also keep in mind men have this mindset that they are the providers so he might be feeling a bit down being out of work. Communication needs to be open and even if there is a fight you need to make sure you both vent your frustrations. Otherwise BAD stuff can happen. (On a personal note don't invite your cute younger whore of a cousin to come stay with you for a while while your husband is out of work or for that matter ever.)


  2. hmm well my roommate seems to have the same problem with me. she just leaves will make a comment about how the cups have been sitting out in a snarky voice until i get the point. I wish i had some better advice, but I'm not married nor am i very clean… sighhh im such a man sometimes.


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