What Should I Do?

The past few days, I feel like a demon has came over my toddler. The demon of teething, we have been lucky before this never having really dealt with any changes in routine or attitude. Ian has had only 2 bottom teeth since he was about 8 months old, then this week hos attitude went from mellow and laid back to high maintenance. It took us a couple of days to figure out what was going on. Then I thought I should look in his mouth and man no wonder he is miserable he is getting every bottom at one. I think it is something like 10 teeth waiting to break through pretty much all at once. Any advice, I am going to be honest we have never really had to deal with true teething before. I am losing my mind his routine has gone to crap, his attitude is like a pmsing teenage girl. Help me before I lose my mind.
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4 Replies to “What Should I Do?”

  1. Poor little guy! Our 11 m o has gotten 6 teeth all one after another and it SUX!! I am a firm believer in baby Tylenol. A friend also reccomended humphreys teething tablets. To soothe it we also give her sticks of cold cucumber to gnaw on.


  2. Get some teething biscuits, frozen waffles, frozen fruit, Ambesol to numb the gums, ibuprophen, and Benadryl. I would suggest Motrin but since it's been recalled you won't find it in stores.


  3. Maybe that is what is happening to my child, he is completely insane right now. I have been giving him the generic Tylenol and Hyland's tablets. I can't say that it helps, just that's what I've been doing. He is still completely insane.


  4. agh! The dreaded teething! I swear by, and actually still use the homeopathic teething tablets, only once a day before bed if she seems bothered. I've found them in different stores in the baby section, like wal-mart, heb, walgreens, i think even at babiesrus. I don't remember if they are humphrey's, something just generic, I think. Not sure, they are in a drawer in baby's room, so can't check right now.I swear, you can't see a difference right away, but there seems to be a drastic change in mood after a couple of doses. You might want to call the dr. on a recommended dosage if it takes him longer than a week or so to break through. Poor little guy. My daughter has been having like 4 come on the verge of coming out, and I notice when they are bothering her, but the tablets do the trick every time. It's funny, I just tell her if she wants candy and she opens her mouth right up–they dissolve very fast, and have a berry taste. I always felt bad giving her everything else like orajel and tylenol or ibuprofen because she would scream bloody murder every time I attempted to give it to her.Really, I was skeptical, but since I first got them, I haven't had to use orajel or any pain relievers since then. she also hates stuff that's too cold to hold, so she isn't good with stuff like that, but the tablets were my savior when I thought I was going to go insane with lack of sleep.Good luck, and I hope he gets back to the chill Ian again 🙂


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