The “Curse” Returns

*To my Daddy and Family if you don’t want to read about my body and how it has adjusted post loss. *
I don’t know where to start, my body and I have a love hate relationship. It likes to do things on it’s own strange timetable. I didn’t even start to get boobs until 8th grade, I didn’t get the “curse” until late into my freshman year. I wore a size zero until the beginning of my sophomore year, then in one year I went from a size zero to a size 7. What the hell my hips decided when they arrived that they needed to be childbearing size. When pregnant it feels the need to pack on the pounds in the beginning instead of the end. While pregnant with Ian I put on 20 lbs in the first four months and then didn’t gain again until the last two months of pregnancy. After I had him I could fit in my pre-prego jeans in less then 2 weeks. I wasn’t back to normal but I could wear my clothes. Then I some how with me dieting or trying to lose any weight, decided to shed 15 lbs when Ian was about 10 months old. I was so happy I looked great, and most importantly I was feeling great. Then I got pregnant, with Ryan and in the first month had gained almost half of the weight loss back. By the time I had found out we had lost the baby I had gained almost all of it back. My body did not react well to this, it countined to gain weight for a couple of weeks and then just sat. No matter what I did I couldn’t get any of the weight to come of. Then it dawned on me, I wouldn’t lose a pound until I my period came back. So then I continued to do the yoga and work out dvd’s because they made me feel better. Then last Saturday I went in and my old friend had returned. I had never been so excited to have a period in my life (how sad is that). Then as I was getting dressed yesterday I realized I had begun to lose weight(not because I step on the scales) because my clothes fit better. I don’t worry about the numbers on the scales in the beginning it is about how I feel and how my clothes fit. It dawned on me yesterday that I had been feeling better in the past week, better then I had felt in weeks. I no longer hate the “curse” and feel blessed of its return. With her came the feeling of normal.
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4 Replies to “The “Curse” Returns”

  1. Dude I miss having a period. It's been exactly two years since I've had my period. I know how you feel. It's NORMAL to have it and it feels, well, not GOOD but NORMAL. Back to normal is good. Welcome back. Love you.


  2. I am so glad that you're starting to feel better and back to your usual level of bonkers (which I love btw)Keep on rockin momstar:)#assslapdfngjfg <—-@thebastardcat lubs you too


  3. YAY for feeling better!! My body and I really just have a hate-hate-little-bit-of-love relationship. I have PCOS, and can't for the life of me lose weight. And when I do, it comes back as soon as I step off the scale or my clothes fit better. Hope you had a great weekend!!


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